Poseidon Industrial Automatic Carpet Washing Machine 3.30m

A new revolution in the carpet washing industry! A machine that you can work in all conditions and difficulties and use for a lifetime. Meet the Bismarck Poseidon 3.30M. With innovative features, 3D manufacturing methods, and compact use, Bismark machinery provides a unique service for your business. Join the VIP class of the washing industry with its unique appearance and new features that its competitors do not have…

Cleaning Process ;

The carpet goes through 3 different washing stages in Bismarck Poseidon 3.30 Model. In the first stage, a deep cleaning is provided by pressing the carpet with the help of disc brushes. In the second stage, the dirt removed to the surface with the help of a brushed rake machine is cleaned and sent to the carpet roller under a wash brush.

In the last stage, the underside of the carpet is cleaned with the lower washing brush and rinsed, and it becomes a 100% cleaned roll.

Technical Details:

Disk Brushes: Bismarck Poseidon 3.30 ‘model has 4 different brush options 4, 8, 10, 12 brushes. The brushes are 50 cm and circular. In our system, which is supported by a reducer or pneumatic motor system, detergent and water flow are provided through the brushes.

Rake Brush System: There are 2 28cm brushes in the rake brush system. These brushes, which work in different directions, provide the process of removing the dirt from the deep side of the carpet and removing the detergent from the carpet. With the help of a rake, the excess water and chemical residues remaining on the carpet are pushed out by surface stripping.

Bottom washing brush; The 20 cm lower washing brush cleans the dirt on the underside of the carpet.

Rinsing system; In this system, which is the last stage of washing, rinsing takes place with water sprayed on the carpet.

Plc Control Screen: Bismark 3.30 includes a touch screen that provides you to control the machine with one touch. It has 6 different functions and you can adjust it according to the type of carpet and interfere with the machine whenever you want.

Conveyor Belt System: Bismarck 3.30 model is suitable for washing carpets up to 3.30 cm wide. It is suitable for long-term use with the segmented belt system we used. Also, the system can be changed easily and can work even if the parts are missing. It has the feature of adjusting the tape speed from the screen as you wish.

Adjustable Pressure System: You can apply suitable printing to any type of carpet. It is possible to make the print setting with one touch from the control panel.


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Stainless Design

With its chrome and galvanized coating options, it is resistant to oxidation and suitable for long-term use in all conditions.

Gear motor system

Gear motor infrastructure suitable for working in all kinds of industrial heavy-duty conditions thanks to reducer technology

Touch Screen Control

The control mechanism supported by the digital touch screen provides many language options and setting functions in the working process.

Amount of Disc Brush

8 (Optional)

Disc Brush Diameter

Ø 500mm

Bottom Washing Brush Diameter

Ø 200mm

Rake Brush Diameter

Ø 200mm

Pressure System

Electric or Pneumatic


Touch Panel (PLC Screen)

Belt Width

2400 mm / 3300mm / 4200mm

Water Usage

10-20 lt/min.

Engine Power Per Motor

1.1 Kw

Daily Capacity

2800 m²

Belt Speed


Max. Carpet Width

3000 mm – 5000mm

Washing Speed

5-7 m²/min.


30% Chrome (All area in contact with the carpet) or Galvanize


380 V