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Yekta Özgür Şişman

Export Management

+90 552 486 61 35

I started my professional business life with the foreign trade department and continue to work in this sector for around 4 years. While climbing the career ladder, I met a company like Bismarck Cleaning technology, which is open to innovations in its field and brings a different perspective to the sector. We continue to sell the best industrial cleaning machines to the world, with our choice of more than 10 languages in more than 20 countries.

You are in the right place to conquer the washing industry!

Ayşe Hanım

Export Management

+90 552 742 63 14

It's hard to get a job these days. I searched a lot until I found Bismark and worked with them as a salesperson. I am very happy to work with such a large and reputable company as Bismark, which provides its employees with high skills and experience in this field. And my work as a representative of Arab countries, all customers and Arab companies are happy and grateful for our products and cleaning machines manufactured by the company of high quality and excellent efficiency. And good dealing with the customer. And facilitating him to obtain all the procedures for buying and selling.

Working diligently is decent for capital. Hazrat Omar
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    +90 552 486 61 35

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